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Yet the nature of these shows is such that facial hair notwithstanding, the new "Press" still feels a lot like the old "Press." "As you can see, we're making a few changes around here," Todd -- a solid interviewer, if by no means a TV natural -- said by way of introduction, while treating his own arrival at the helm of the long-running franchise as a historic event. On Sunday, that included actually letting Obama deliver the kind of long, detailed answers he prefers largely without interruption (hardly a Bill O'Reilly tactic), while generating moderate news by virtue of the president's comments about an upcoming speech regarding plans to combat ISIS, executive action on immigration and his own weariness over dealing with the press.

In terms of style, the producers seemed determined to make the interview feel more urgent simply by placing a camera as close as they could to providing a peek up the president's nose.

Todd brought a welcome sense of humor to the proceedings, but his best question, actually, was probably his most hypocritical -- wondering if too much time was being spent on which party achieved a narrow majority in the Senate.

Yet given the amount of time MSNBC alone has devoted to the topic, a decent answer would have been, "Because what would you and an army of pundits have to talk about otherwise?

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has been happily married to the co-founder of Maverick Strategies and Mail, Kristian.

NBC News didn't want to leave much to chance with Chuck Todd's debut as host, enlisting President Obama as his co-star -- and surrounding him with other NBC talent, in what felt like an "It takes a village" approach. insider and policy wonk, although that doesn't address one of the fundamental problems plaguing these programs -- namely, that in such hyper-partisan political times, the attempt to appear even-handed (perhaps especially for NBC, given MSNBC's left-leaning profile) is merely an invitation for the usual suspects to pounce on any perceived exhibition of bias.

He was raised there by his Jewish mother and he is still an avid supporter of the collegiate Miami Hurricanes football team.

Chuck and Kristian Todd have been married long but they have never been engulfed in any kind of rumors regarding their divorce. Chuck’s kids even visited him on the sets of his NBC show back in “My kids, as far as they’re concerned, they’re fully Jewish. They don’t know about this ‘half-stuff this, half stuff that.’ All they know is that they have to go to Hebrew school twice a week, which, you know, sometimes the boy doesn’t get so excited about.” he continued.

He hosts political shows in other different channels such as MSNBC.

Todd lives with his wife Kristian Denny Todd in Arlington, Virginia. Todd’s wife Kristian is a professional in communications and the co-founder of Maverick Strategies and Mail.

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