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Although Hunnam is happy with his relationship and called Mc Nelis an “incredibly understanding girlfriend,” he admitted that he needs to do a better job at managing his time between filming and family time.Given his current workload, that might be a difficult task. Especially after the rumored chemistry that led to their casting!He just has to explain to her that it's a isn't as impressed.Cutting off your life partner for months at a time without notice is cruel, there’s no other way to describe it. I forgot to mention that part when I covered Charlie’s interview with Mr Porter last week.

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On Sunday he and Morgana Mc Nelis were seen out for lunch together in LA.

“I was certainly cognizant of it and wanted to try to distance myself.

had finished so I was eager to have sort of a departure from that and not repeat too much, but there were just inherent similarities and I realized that it would be foolish to try to fight it,” Hunnam explained.

Though he hasn't yet put a ring on the jewelry designer's finger, they have been an exclusive item since 2007!

We hope she doesn't have any problems with Charlie getting down and dirty on the big screen with new costar Dakota Johnson!

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