Validating a new survey

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The biggest mistake people make when creating a product of any kind is keeping the idea to themselves. As mentioned by Jon Saddington, uber-successful serial entrepreneur featured in Session #61 of The SPI Podcast: …Because this is what happens when you start sharing that idea–it starts becoming refined. You’ll quickly get feedback – instant, guttural feedback from people, and especially complete strangers that say “that is a stupid idea” or “that’s a great idea but have you thought about this?”…Here’s the difference between you and the next person on the street who has a great idea–if you’re committed and you love the idea, you will actually see it to completion.Note: We are currently updating this feature and rolling out changes, so you may have a different experience than what is described below.Learn more about upcoming functionality improvements in Forms for Excel in One Drive for Business and Forms in Excel Online.Surveys let other people fill out your list—like a sign-up sheet or questionnaire—where you can see it all in one place online.

Old format: New format: To minimise the impact of this change, a redirect was set up from […] Read the full story Update: The University of Bristol and Jisc have jointly agreed that the service will not now transfer until 4 October 2017. The University of Bristol has reviewed the range of services it currently offers and has concluded that the BOS service does not fit with its strategic priorities.

You continue to build momentum, and you continue to get excited on a much better and much more refined idea.

The more you share your idea, the better that idea becomes.

play an obvious role in the success of that product, but at least you’re not as worried about the product itself being a cause of failure.

In this post, we’re going to explore 6 ways to help you make sure that what you’re thinking of selling will sell.

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