Updating furnace filter

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Permanent/washable electrostatic filters are a one-time cost and environmentally friendly. Clogged furnace filters can cause upset of air flow balance, resulting in overheating and costly damage to a blower motor or compressor. The particles, attracted to the electrostatic fibers in the direction of air flow, build up on the fibers without face loading.They will remove the most airborne irritants with the least resistance to air flow, offer easy cleanability and a long useful life.The following is a brief guideline to assist you in choosing an electrostatic air filter for your furnace: The highest arrestance does not necessarily mean the most efficient filter.You should have a 1″ filter track or opening where the filter slides into. Measure the height and width of the duct opening; allow a bit of overlap if you have room.That is the exact size that you need to order your new Permatron Filter. MEASURING YOUR AIR FILTER PDF Back to Top Air filters are designed to remove airborne particles as the air from your home recirculates through your ventilating system.

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updating furnace filter-71

If not, the size should be labeled on the side of the filter. Why does this type of permanent, washable furnace air filter cost more? With a pleated filter, I can just throw it out and put a new one in my system. Our washable air filters are simply rinsed and placed back into your system. Back to Top Furnaces and air conditioners are not all alike; some have different air flow requirements for optimum efficiency. Today’s equipment manufacturers are using advanced sensitive technology. If you add up the time and material cost of buying new throw away filters each month, you’ll see that our permanent furnace filter gives you the least cost over the product’s useful life.Long term product use, effectiveness and customer satisfaction comes from filter design based on proven engineering principles and precision construction.HVAC/furnace equipment specifications vary with different air flow requirements for optimal efficiency – no single air filter model is effective in all possible installations.

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