Updating actuals

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your project has strict deadlines so you record progress based on work days remaining) – Use Units Percent when an activity is dependent work-effort (ex.your activity is only allocated 20 hours to finish) – Use Physical Percent is manually entered and is based on personal judgment on the completion of a work/activity product.Simply select the desired interval/increment in the upper-right corner as shown in the following screenshot.The Actuals report supports three different visualization types for graphing your report data: Line Chart, Pie Chart, and Bar Graph.By default, the Actuals report displays your report data incremented by Day along the X-axis.But you can change the time interval plotted along the X-axis for a broader perspective ("zoom out" by selecting a longer time increment such as Week or Month) or increased granularity ("zoom in" by selecting a shorter time increment such as Hour).Simply click the pie chart button in the upper-right corner as shown in the following screenshot.

For activities in progress, make sure you are aware of the “% complete type” and then make changes to remaining units in duration or duration % depending on the type.

The Actuals field remains valuable if you only need cursory tracking of development hours not requiring quarterly, weekly, or monthly accounting reports.

If you are using the Actuals field for accounting purposes, CA Agile Central's recommendation is to adopt CA Agile Central Time Tracker. The CA Agile Central Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support.

Another way to manipulate the tables to show which activities you want to update is to change the layout and filter to show activities within a certain time frame or start dates within a date range.

When updating a schedule, you can enter actuals for completed activities and activities in progress.

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