Stanley 220 block plane dating

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Cuts like a dream through everything but end grain so far, the 25 degree bevel is not steep enough to handle end grain well or an...The brass depth adjustment nut is solid (sometimes of a two-piece construction), with "BAILEY, WOODS & CO." "BOSTON" "PATENTED" "AUG. A total redesign of the frog, where it became smaller and is held to the bottom casting by a vertical rib between the sides of the casting.

This is to align the frog laterally, to keep it square to the sides of the plane, and, thus, make the iron parallel to the mouth.Some owners worked them so hard that they had to replace one or several parts.Some simply put the wrong bit in the wrong place, some customised their tools to suit their needs - the possibilities for change are endless.This was probably an attempt to make interchangable parts for most of the bench planes, instead of having a frog sized for each size of plane.A lot of these planes are broken about the vertical rib, so it was a weak design that was soon dropped. It has two patent dates, "2-8-76" and "10-21-84", stamped into it, along with the word "STANLEY".

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