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For more information on these types, consult SQL Server Books Online.

A parameter input window displays as shown in Figure 3.

We need to start by looking at the basic relationship between Td Command Builder class and Td Data Adapter class.

Td Command Builder has a Data Adapter property and it must be initialized. NET Data Provider for Teradata will throw an exception when an application fails to initialize the required properties described above. Get Insert Command method will throw an "Invalid Operation Exception" when a) the Td Command Builder.

Once you have entered the code into the Code Editor window, save the stored procedure.

Note: Stored procedures can also use a Return parameter and an Input Output parameter type.

Data Adapter property is not set or b) Select Command (Data Adatper.

Select Command) of the associated Td Data Adapter is not set or c) Connection property (Data Adatper. Connection) of the associated Select Command is not set.

But How can you associate a Transaction with CUD commands given that you have no direct control over the Command generation?

After you've declared the procedure name, you'll declare any parameters that the stored procedure will use.

The AS keyword follows the parameter declarations, and then you can see the SQL code that makes up the body of the stored procedure.

SQL Server writes the output from the stored procedure to the Output window.

It should contain a list of the publisher information and a return value of zero as shown in Figure 2.

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