Really ready dating service

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It’s easy to tell when someone IS relationship-ready if you see things like “looking for something meaningful” or even things as direct as “I’m looking for a serious relationship.” Then you’re on the right track in your search.

Remember to pay attention to what people say online, but do get to know them before passing any concrete judgments.

Typically (and this is especially true of those who are dating online) men will say what they mean and mean what they say.If you’re looking for a casual relationship, that’s a person you’ll probably want to connect with.But if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you’ll want to steer clear.For example, “no picky women need respond” may indicate he viewed his ex as high maintenance.What’s most important, though, is not so much what he wants but that it seems he may not be truly “over it.” 3. When you see someone who throws around terms like “partying hard” or phrases like “always open for good times” or “weekends were made to unwind with a few cocktails and friends,” plus you notice lots of photos that appear to be at parties, bars or clubs…well, chances are a serious relationship isn’t in their future.

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