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It’s a pressure-free environment and can save you from the single person’s classic refrain of “Oh? I’ve been meaning to go try it out.” Every Monday, The Providence Collective hosts Monday Night Meetup, which gathers people at a local bar to mix and mingle.Recent spots have included The Eddy, Ladder 133 and Kitchen Bar.They say that kids and animals can tell the kind of person you are inside, and I’ve been very successful working with both, so I guess that says something about my character.” More than hoping a chance encounter will lead to something bigger, Jason is focused on his own life, including renovating the lakefront home he just purchased.“Right now I’m looking to meet people, but I’m definitely interested in finding that one special girl.“I’ve got three amazing children,” says Scott Grace. Between homework, little league and Boy Scouts, their activities tend to become my hobbies.I make a mean pinewood derby racer.” An EMT and firefighter in East Providence, Scott’s time is consumed by work, family and the home he’s currently rebuilding from the ground up.

And if you haven’t found them yet, you might not be looking hard enough.I’m definitely more of a relationship type of person.” So, what do you do when you’re looking to expand your social circle?Events like speed dating and singles-only mixers have faded in popularity and don’t happen so often anymore (though they do still happen sometimes at Vanity and Waterplace restaurants).Someone once told me, do what you love; focus on your passions; surround yourself with people who help you grow; and your best match will appear naturally there.” The hope that your passions draw you to the right person, rather than just finding someone on the town and making a connection, is a common one. The 36-year-old environmental consultant spends a lot of time traveling for work, and when he’s home, he doesn’t want to be out on the prowl – and love isn’t likely to be waiting on the next bar stool.“I work very hard at being the best person I can be,” Jason says. I live a very clean lifestyle and try to be as active as possible.

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