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“A polite flirt tends to be very hands-off and respectful, but as you can imagine, this type of flirting isn’t obvious to the people they’re attracted to,” Hall said.

“They lean back, create even more space and are more even in verbal tone.

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Not only did the researchers discover that people tailor their nonverbal communication to their own flirting style, but the cues they used matched the level of physical attraction they had for their conversational pair.

1) Physical Flirts: Tend to use touch more often and nonverbal communication generally.

These did not do as well in a face-to-face sitting style get-to-meet-you. 2) Traditional Flirts: Traditional male flirts tend to believe that they should take the first step. They tended to show their wrists and hands by “palming” or turning their hands upward.

When men were attracted to their partner they nodded and said “yes” more often but were less likely to move closer.

Men also teased their partner less even if they were physically attracted to her.

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