Me and my pet on web cam tube

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It’s a non-stop laugh riot for me, gestating a 150-pound mammal inside my body. But even I know that staring at a pregnant belly and loudly asking, “HAVEN’T YOU HAD THAT BABY YET?!

Wow, such an original comment that I have not heard every single day for the past month. No, just the one, thanks so much for your interest Mrs. I’m so sorry that you find watching the waning moments of my super-long pregnancy to be frustrating or boring. My brain, proportionate to my body size, is quite small. Fun fact: The first real sign of active labor for a giraffe is when you can see the hooves coming out.

It is a joyous occasion to be sure, and I'm happy to share my joy with the hundreds of thousands of people watching my live stream on You Tube.

But newsflash: Staring at me and demanding “Where’s that baby already??

Maria has prompted hurricane and tropical storm warnings across the Caribbean, including in Puerto Rico which is bracing itself for the potential impact from the storm.

Puerto Rico shows the wind and wet weather setting in as Hurricane Maria disrupts the usually tranquil island.

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