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You can also use google image search to give a more general search of pics to see if its real or not.Basically its not that much different than other scams over time, listing things for sale on CL will be about the same...

Rusty must have heard him say that because he came into my room and trotted in with a big goofy look on his face.Animal 2006-02-23 Well It had been a few weeks since I first had sex with my dog rusty. My mother had told me that she had planned on getting rusty fixed but the plans fell through because I had told my dad. He came over one day when mom wasn't home and dad was at work. Then he asked me "So do you have a boyfriend" and I said "No, I don't why" and he said "i'd like to go out with you sometime, if you'd like to go" and I was thrilled "I'd love to go" and then he straight up kissed me. He stuck his fingers inside my tight pussy, i had fully recovered from my first fuck with rusty. "Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God" I said as I let out a screaming orgasm. I started licking the tip of his cock, and gently sucking on it, then licking the shaft and I took in about 5 inches of it and jammed a little of it down my throat, my gag reflexes aren't that sensitive so I kept taking in as much of his cock as I could. I started to moan and so did mark while rusty was licking away, his nose burried into my pussy.Well my mom found out and she grounded me for a month. I spread my legs to let him get his tongue deep inside me. Mark was about to cum, I could tell, his balls were tensing up, but I didn't want him to cum yet, so I stopped sucking on his cock.Most scam profiles have little to know filters on who can message them and might even be the same profile in many other areas.A great tool to check a specific picture is tineye, it searches the web and will show you if the pic is on other sites.

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