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Russians also have more negative views than two years ago about several European countries and leaders.

Eighty-four percent of Russians have an unfavorable view of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, while only 24 percent of Russians held such a feeling toward his predecessor Viktor Yanukovych in 2012.

More than half of Russians view China favorably (58 percent), compared with a 41 percent favorability rating in 2012.

Likewise, 36 percent of Russians rate Chinese President Xi Jinping positively, compared with just a 15 percent favorability rating for his predecessor, Hu Jintao, in 2012.

Russian opinion is more divided when it comes to Western European countries.

More Russians have negative views than positive ones about the United Kingdom (31 percent unfavorable vs.

18 percent unfavorable), while it has more positive than negative feelings toward Syria (23 percent favorable vs. A majority of Russians have a favorable view of China (58 percent), and only 5 percent have a negative opinion of the country.In the last two years, there has been little change in the favorability ratings for Israel (20 percent vs.21 percent) while there has been an increase in the favorability ratings for Syria (12 percent vs. Russians see China as an ally, and the United States and the European Union as adversaries.More than 7 in 10 Russians say China is an ally (71 percent), and only 1 in 10 say the country is an adversary.In contrast, nearly 7 in 10 Russians view the European Union as an adversary (69 percent), and 1 in 10 say it is an ally (10 percent).

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