Dating us playing cards

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Let’s move on to the whole ‘Blue Seal quality’ part. In addition, another issue was the stock and finish that was used.

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You can sell a single deck of Blue Seal Tally’s for ! You would think they were knock-off Tally’s, they are that bad. From my knowledge, and the collective knowledge of other card enthusiasts, one of the main problems was new equipment.With over a decade of card handling, and having used thousands of decks with dozens of different finishes and stocks, let me try to explain the mystery that is the Blue Seal. How ’bout at the beginning of what might be considered the first Blue Seal, the overall design of which is still used today.In the 1965, the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) decided to no longer use tax stamps to seal their cards, but instead used a ‘postage’-looking stamp to seal their decks.You might have seen some decks on e Bay that have these seals with the bumpy edges, blue background, and a white spade.Sometime in the 80’s is when they progressed into the rounded square seal that is used today. I thought Blue Seals where just a thing in the mid 2000’s that everyone used?

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