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Separation between couples is often misunderstood due to the lack of guidelines and the ease with which it can be carried out.It's fraught with many pitfalls if certain clear objectives aren't laid down or ultimately met.If it's treated as a continuation of the relationship, or as a time for both parties to act like single people, not much can be achieved from that.There will simply be more of the same behavior without any conclusion and divorce is likely to follow.However, sometimes setting things up before hand isn’t possible because one spouse wants to “wait and see” or is reluctant to commit to regular dating.In this case, it’s best not to push and to take advantage of the time that you do spend together.How the finances will work should be agreed upon before the separation takes place so the person left with the children doesn't bear the brunt of any financial burden that might ensue.5. Whether you will have sex and if you will spend time with one another is paramount.

Any separation that drags on will gradually turn into two new and separate lifestyles.2. It's important to know the rules of the separation — what is acceptable, what isn't. Communication can be difficult, as couples are likely to blame each other and recount past behavior rather than finding solutions to steer a better course together.It's better not to engage in sexual interaction while separated, mainly because it tends to cloud the issues and will delay the conclusion, especially if one person is still getting what they want without having to sort out any issues.Separation will be more successful in its objectives if it's regarded as such.I recently heard from a wife who asked the questions that most people want to know.She said, in part: “are there any guidelines about dating my husband while we’re separated?

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