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Keywords: higher library education, “Library-informational activities" branch of learning, Federal State Educational Standards of higher Professional Education, the third generation of educational standards, basic educational programme, basic and elective disciplines, Higher Library Education directions References 1. Spetsialnost 052700: Gosudarstvenny obrazovatelny standart, primemye programmy, uchebnye plany [Library-informational activities. The author shows the results of a comparative survey of the content of basic educational programmes of the RF Ministry of Culture high schools in the 071900 “Library-informational activities " branch of learning and analyzes the perspectives of further reforms of High school educational process on the grounds of introducing the Standards Three plus. Matveeva HIGHER LIBRARY EDUCATION IN RUSSIA DEVELOPMENT PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES Abstract. Klyuev // Nesavisimy biblio-techny advokat [Independent library advocate]. Professional Standard and perspectives of bachelors’ education / V. This is also confirmed by the existence of a common legal and regulatory framework: banking legislation, which determines the legal status of the key elements of the banking system and the rules of their interaction and regulates the most stable types of relationships between them.The National Bank of Azerbaijan (NBA) has the necessary independence for performing the functions of a central bank.

Federalny gosudarstvenny obrazovatelny standart vysshego professionalnogo obrazovania po napravleniyu podgotovki 071900 Bibliotechno-informatsionnaya deyatelnost (kvalifikatsia (stepen) “magistr”) [Federal State Educational Standard of Higher professional education in the training direction of 071900 Library Informational activities (qualification (degree) of a master)]: RF Education and Science Ministry order № 3 from May 29, 2010, corrections on May 31, 2011.Current State of the National Banking System The national banking system today is one of the most essential parts of Azerbaijan’s market economy.At present, the republic has a two-tier market-based banking system, which is represented, in the first place, by the National Bank of Azerbaijan and a set of credit institutions.In addition, the NBA licenses, regulates and controls the activities of commercial banks, and also has the discretion to determine and implement the state’s monetary and exchange rate policy.Among Azerbaijan’s credit institutions, the leading role is played by commercial banks.

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