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Publications in the 3D GIS domain regularly list various uses of 3D geoinformation as examples [36,37,38,39].However, most of these lists are brief, specific to the paper’s focus, and are not necessarily always supported with references.The data is stored in a 3D spatial database as triangles and then extracted and served as a web-based data stream which is queried by an App developed on the mobile device (using the Android environment, Java and Open GL for graphics).Current approaches to rendering suggest loading the full city model onto the device and then interacting (e.g.

The classified inventory could be useful for scientists as well as stakeholders in the geospatial industry, such as companies and national mapping agencies, as it may serve as a reference document to better position their operations, design product portfolios, and to better understand the market.The potential size and detail of such 3D datasets has led to a challenge when rendering such data on mobile devices and understanding the limitations to the usability of such models on these devices is particularly important given the broadening range of applications—such as pollution or noise modelling, tourism, planning, solar potential—for which these datasets and resulting visualisations can be utilized.This chapter describes preliminary work carried out to compare two approaches to rendering 3D data on mobile devices for the test area of the city of Sheffield (in the UK Midlands).Such diversity and the increasing number of applications render it difficult to keep track of the utilisation possibilities of 3D city models.It appears that, despite the near-ubiquitousness of 3D city models, a comprehensive inventory of 3D applications does not exist (examples of previous efforts are presented in Section 2).

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