Chive online dating

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If you spot a Chiver, he’s probably wearing Bill Murray’s face on a t-shirt, or the phrase “Keep Calm and Chive On” somewhere on his body or social media profile.

Likely he has a “KCCO” phone case, towel, beer cozy, or bumper sticker.

They have other interests as well: John Resig is a recurring minor character on “True Blood.” Their sisters, Emily and Megan, are the editors of the sister site the Berry, which “gives ladies a much needed one-stop destination to peruse hot male celebs, funny photos, daily gossip, fashion, viral videos and adorable animals,” and features an “eye candy” section of dudes in the same space where The Chive features its Chivettes.In the matrix of online communities, they’re somewhere between Redditors who like to go outside and juggalos who don’t wear complicated get-ups.But the Chive is bigger than the sum of its manboy parts.Chive gear is how Chivers — and Chivettes, their female counterparts — identify each other in the wild.The Chive, if you don’t know it, is bigger than NPR, Salon, Jezebel, or The Onion (no relation).

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