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Filming her first screen kiss with the actor – in a lift – was particularly difficult.‘At first I was blushing in every scene, and then one day I said to Rufus, “I have to understand that you are a human being; that you eat like me, that you drink water like me.I have to break up this image I have of you as a god.” It was very hard having to kiss my favourite actor in the world,’ she says, shaking her head at the memory.I was in love with Rufus from the first time I saw him in the film Dangerous Beauty 12 years ago.

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I am lucky that I have such a good image of family life – my father and mother are still in love, still happy,’ she says, with yet more evident emotion (she is, she admits, ‘a very emotional person’).

Shooting scenes together became even more fraught, she reveals, when both of them developed a skin condition that prompted on-set gossip and involved doctors and dermatologists.‘Rufus and I had this strange thing where we came out with this very painful rash.

None of the other actors or the crew were affected, and everybody started thinking “that’s a bit odd”; even the doctors asked, “just you two?

I was eating yoghurt every day so that I had the money to go to the theatre. It’s still my dream to be on stage in London,’ she says.

Caterina returned to Italy to study acting – against her parents’ wishes – at the School of Cinema and Theatre of Francesca de Sapio, and embarked on a career that made her a star in Europe (she is fluent in French and Spanish) and eventually led to her Casino Royale role.

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