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I would say my conversation with Andreev and Powell went well.

I was envisioning using Badoo to connect with cool people at crowded events like the Maker Faire, or maybe at industry conferences. Part 2: The low-down reality The initial impression I got when I signed to the service: man, this is creepy.

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But neither is Badoo, strictly speaking, a dating service, according to CEO Andrey Andreev and CMO Jessica Powell.Immediately after signing on, with no photo or information in my profile, I was told that four women wanted to talk with me, one of whom was 382 miles away. I was a blank box with nothing but an age and a location.Actually, the entire sign-on process tells you a different story than the one the CEO and CMO told me. About the only question you need to answer to get active on the service is if you want to meet a girl or a guy (or both) and their age.I think Badoo is successful (far more so than dating sites, which are smaller) because it's not prescriptive.We give you the tools to meet people, then you decide what you want to do....

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