Android clock widget not updating

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Even when I click on the refresh button on the widget, the position is not updated. When I open the clock app, and go to desktop clock, it updates the location even on the widget.I have to go in the widget settings click modify and click on current city then add and it finds the correct position. I know it is a really minor issue, but I can't stand something which is not working properly.Andrew and Greg, if you'd submit a ticket to us via the link at the top of the page, we can send you a debug build to try.There are many factors involved in the update and without debug info it's difficult to know where the failure is happening.When I activate that setting, the widget updates properly. I have auto-refresh set to 15 minutes, and the "current conditions" notification off.I'm not sure if you'll consider this a bug or if it's the expected behavior, but to me it feels like a bug, since you can disable the status bar notification and still leave 'Auto Update' on. If I leave it running overnight, the widget still shows yesterday's weather. I have checked in the widget settings, the box which authorizes the widget to find the location is checked, in the location settings of the phone, the use cellular for position is checked. I mean when I am travelling from one place to another, the position is not updated.

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OK, I think I figured it out - if 'Status Bar Notification' is off (so no temp appearing in the status bar), the widget does not update - for me anyway.

The only time i get the weather to update is to uninstall and reinstall the application.

Also when i open up the app it doesn't refresh like it should.

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