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Critics of President Nicolas Maduro said the arrests are another sign Maduro is moving toward a dictatorship for Venezuela.

The South American country is home to nearly 32 million people.

Both had been arrested before and both were under house arrest when they were taken from their homes early Tuesday.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court said Lopez and Ledezma were arrested because they violated conditions of their house arrest.

The arrests of opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma came one day after the United States ordered sanctions against Maduro.

The Trump administration said an election Sunday to create a new assembly to rewrite Venezuela’s Constitution took away the “people’s right to self-determination.” The Maduro government said more than 8 million people voted Sunday to create an assembly to rewrite the Venezuelan constitution.

In the 20th century Venezuela was transformed from a relatively poor agrarian society to a rapidly urbanizing one, a condition made possible by exploiting huge petroleum reserves.

These changes, however, have been accompanied by imbalances among the country’s regions and socioeconomic groups, and Venezuela’s cities have swelled because of a massive and largely uncontrolled migration from rural areas, as well as mass immigration, much of it illegal, from Colombia and other neighbours.

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Within this region is the only desert in Venezuela—the sand dunes around the city of .

He said increasing government power is needed to stop the protests that cause the country’s economic problems.

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